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Radio Skid Row is an activist, grassroots community radio station that began broadcasting in Warang/Sydney in 1981. We have over 40 programs broadcasting in 17 languages speaking about everything from disability justice to workers rights, playing reggae, hiphop and music from around the world as well as from our community.

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  • I've Been On Skid Row

    Have you been on Skid Row? This long-sleeve Tshirt in a range of colours is for all of our broadcasters, interviewees who've been on Radio Skid Row 88.9FM. Skid Row is also a term that means being in a tough situation - an homage to our roots and mission as a radical community radio station spotlighting the voices of the most marginalised.

  • Wake The Town Tell The People

    'Wake The Town Tell the People' was the slogan of one of our Radio Skid Row fundraisers. The Wake The Town Tell The People canvas tote bag is a part of Skid Row history - a rallying cry to both consciousness and to spreading the word on the street.

  • Skid Row Classic T-shirt

    From our 2020 Fundraiser this Skid Row t-shirt features the latest Skid Row Logo: a hand holding a pic in the air with lightning all around it.